Now Available – Diplomacy World #152 – Winter 2020 Issue

Now available, Diplomacy World #152, the Winter 2020 issue!

Among the many articles, you’ll find:

* Rick Desper on Tempest in a Teapot

* Don Del Grande on the International Diplomacy Tournament Ratings

* Randy Lawrence-Hurt interviews Zachary Moore

* David Hood on Diplomacy organizations and services

* and a lot more!

Download it now from the Diplomacy World Facebook group or the official Diplomacy World website at

Direct link –

Download, read, enjoy, comment, and participate!

The deadline for the next issue is April 1, 2021

Be sure to sign up for the Diplomacy World Email Mailing List through the service Mailchimp.  You can sign up for that mailing list by clicking the following link, to make sure you get ALL the Diplomacy World news and announcements:

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