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Diplomacy World #148 Now Available – Winter 2018 Issue

Now available, Diplomacy World #148, the Winter 2019 issue!

Among the many articles, you’ll find:

* umbletheheep on The Briefing, a weekly Diplomacy newsletter
* Game opening comments and biographies, and 1901 results and commentary for the new Demo Game “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”
* Randy Lawrence-Hurt interviews David Maletsky
* Zachary Moore on the first year of the Minnesota Diplomacy Club
* and a lot more!

Download it now from the official Diplomacy World website at
Direct link –
Download, read, enjoy, comment, and participate!

The deadline for the next issue is April 1, 2020

I have started building a Diplomacy World Email Mailing List through the service Mailchimp. You can sign up for that mailing list by clicking the following link:
The reason for starting this Mailchimp list is as follows:

1. Enabling direct contact with DW readers where they can add or drop themselves with ease.

2. My old email mailing list was a mess of 8 groups that I had to mail BCC two per day or I get tagged as spam by Yahoo and I can’t use Outlook for a day with that account. I don’t send to those lists any longer, so if that was the only place you were getting notices, you’re not getting anything now.

3. The oldest and most consistent method of communication is the old Yahoo group. Those groups are being shut down and are effectively useless now.