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Calhamer Estate Sale and eBay Items

This message came in from Kim Chmura
Hello – I’m looking to spread the word about an upcoming estate sale at the home of Diplomacy inventor Allan Calhamer, April 7 through 9, 2017 in LaGrange Park, IL.  In addition there are several items on ebay (found by searching “Calhamer” with more to be added throughout the week) that might be of interest to Diplomacy enthusiasts unable to attend the sale, including #1 of 500 of the 1st edition of the game!  I see that you have a deadline of 4/1 for your upcoming newsletter which will probably be published after all of this is over.  I’m currently trying to join a few Diplomacy facebook groups.  Any help or suggestions that you could provide to get the word out would be appreciated! 
Thank you!
Kim Chmura 

Diplomacy World #137 Deadline Reminder

Just a reminder that the deadline for Diplomacy World #137 is April 1, 2017.  This includes articles AND convention flyers.  If you have a convention or event you would like included in the Upcoming Conventions list, please email me details to  Likewise if you’d like to submit an article, send a letter, or you have a flyer for an upcoming event that’s where you send it!