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Just Released – Eternal Sunshine #109 – February 2016 Issue

Just released: Eternal Sunshine #109, the February 2016 Issue.
Included in this issue:
Round 4 of the new Eternal Sunshine List contest – The Best Albums of All Time (by decade) where we finish the 1970’s (and prepare to start the 1980’s)
Subzines from Richard Weiss and Jack McHugh
A column from Larry Peery
The seventh round of the new Kendo Nagasaki game (join now!)
The seventh round of the new By Popular Demand game (join now!)
A Kickstarter movie review – Black Eyed Children: Let Me In
Hypothetical Questions
and the usual crap.
Check it out in the Eternal Sunshine Yahoo group, the Fans of Eternal Sunshine Zine Facebook group, or the newly-redesigned Diplomacy section of my personal website at

Direct links:

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Read, enjoy, and participate!  Especially in the Best Albums contest!


Diplomacy World #132 Now Available – Winter 2015 Issue

Now available, Diplomacy World #132, the Winter 2015 issue!

Among the many articles, you’ll find:

* The End Game report, EOG statements, and final commentary for the Youngstown IV Demo Game
* Zhang Fang on the first DipCon in China
* Larry Peery on how to tell if you are a Diplomate or an Old Fart
* Thaddeus Black review Conor Kostick’s new book “The Art of Correspondence in the Game of Diplomacy”
* Joshua Danker-Dake on the importance of communication in Internet Diplomacy
* and a lot more!

73 pages of parrying, thusts, stabs and Diplomacy.

Download it now from the official Diplomacy World website at

Direct link –

Download, read, enjoy, comment, and participate!