Eternal Sunshine #105 Released – October 2015 Issue

Just released: Eternal Sunshine #105, the October 2015 Issue.
Included in this issue:
** The new Eternal Sunshine List contest – The Best Albums of All Time (by decade) **
Columns from Larry Peery and Paul Milewski
Richard Weiss’ Subzine
The third round of the new Kendo Nagasaki game (join now!)
The third round of the new By Popular Demand game (join now!)
Hypothetical Questions
and the usual crap.
Check it out in the Eternal Sunshine Yahoo group, or the Diplomacy section of my personal website at

Direct links:

pdf –
html –
Read, enjoy, and participate!  Especially in the Best Albums contest!


One response to “Eternal Sunshine #105 Released – October 2015 Issue”

  1. Conor Kostick says :

    Also out today: . If someone could review it for the blog that would be terrific.

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