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Revised Diplomacy World #130 Uploaded

I have posted a new version of Diplomacy World #130, the Summer 2015 Issue, repairing the layout of the Last Man Standing article which I butchered previously.

You can find it in the Yahoo diplomacyworld group or on the Diplomacy World webpage at

Direct link:


Now Available – Diplomacy World #130 – Summer 2015 Issue

Just released: Diplomacy world #130, the Summer 2015 issue! Included among the articles you will find:

* Andrew Leavey on Crimea, Diplomacy, and diplomacy
* Mario Huys with a special Sherlock Holmes crossover from the Diplomatic Pouch
* Joshua Danker-Dake on Turkish Strategy
* A sample chapter from Conor Kostick’s upcoming book on The Art of Correspondence in Diplomacy
* Rick Leeds on his new zine The Velvet Glove
* Toby Harris on World DipCon
* David Hood on DixieCon
* and sooooooo much more! 100 pages of Diplomacy material!

Download it now from the official Diplomacy World website at

Direct link: