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New Diplomacy World Technology Editor!

Please welcome Thaddeus Black as our new Technology Editor!  If you need to contact him drop me a line and I’ll give you his email (or you can wait until DW #129 and find it in the DW Staff table).

Just Released: Diplomacy World #128, Winter 2014 Issue

Diplomacy World #128, the Winter 2014 issue, is now available.

Among the articles this time around are:

Larry Peery on Growing the Hobby

Zachary Jarvie on the RANKing System

Tim Haffey on the Golden Age of Diplomacy

Jim Burgess on Diplomacy and Korean Girls (yes, really)

Doug Beyerlein on John A. McCallum

Thaddeus Black on the CAT23 Academy’s Laws of Diplomacy

The Results and Commentary for 1904 and 1905 in the Youngstown IV Demo Game

And LOTS more!

You can download the issue directly at:

Or peruse the website at:

Check it out and send in some feedback!  Next deadline for submissions is April 1st….who not join in?